Jaw movement simulation ﹣ For precision-fit dental prostheses

Simulating the temporomandibular joint movement with facebows and articulators is indispensable for accurately fitting dental prostheses. Our Artex system is reliable, precise, and versatile. All patient-specific movement patterns are precisely recorded and analyzed. From fixation and simulation to the perfect restoration for the patient. Analog and digital.

The precise Artex system

Exact dental prostheses from the very beginning

The Artex system is one of the most widely used articulators in the world - and has been for years. The system is recognized worldwide as reliable and is an effective tool for dentists and dental technicians to record static oral situations 1:1 and to simulate jaw movements. The knowledge gained from this contributes to good communication and a holistic understanding of the patient between the dentist and the dental technician and ensures that the restoration is implemented with a perfect fit. The precisely coordinated components of the Amann Girrbach System create efficient processes and fit into the digital workflow. Our Classic products are well-established, have proven their worth and have become an indispensable part of the dental workflow.

No gap inbetween - connecting the analog with the digital world

The virtual articulator, Ceramill Artex, is the link between the analog and digital world. Ceramill Artex is an upgrade module of the Ceramill Mind CAD software and offers the same unlimited functionality of the real Artex CR. During design in the CAD software, patient-specific movements can be simulated and any interference points in the dental prostheses can be detected and thus eliminated before final production.

The precise Artex system
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I love the finish of the Artex products. These are great pieces of technical engineering that help me in everyday practice.
Dr. Markijan Hupalo
Sydney Prosthodontics

Artex Articulators

Our Artex articulators are available in different types of construction. All articulators can be adjusted to identical construction using a Splitex key and the Splitex plate set. This simplifies model transfer between practice and laboratory and increases the cost-effectiveness of the individual articulator.

Artex articulators in Arcon design:

  • Design according to the anatomical model

  • Condylar ball in the lower part, condylar guide surface in the upper part

  • Condylar guide elements can be individually adjusted

Artex articulators in the non-Arcon design:

  • Particularly safe and easy to handle

  • Structure reversed from that of the human jaw

  • Upper and lower jaw form one unit even when centric is open

Artex Articulators

Artex & Zebris facebow

Regardless of whether you opt for the analog or digital type, the use of a facebow results in a precise fit of the restoration. The recorded functional diagnostics save you grinding times on the patient. You also efficiently create comprehensive patient documentation at the push of a button in the same step when working with the digital facebow Zebris for Ceramill.

Accessories for Articulators & Facebows
Accessories for Articulators & Facebows