Ceramill DRS Connection Kit - The convenience of digitization

The intraoral scanner increases the convenience for patients and practitioners alike. In addition, it opens a new opportunity for digital, interdisciplinary collaboration.

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The Ceramill Map DRS enables uncomplicated scanning of a wide variety of situations directly in the dental practice, such as edentulous partial and full jaws, bite situations and implant positions with the aid of scanbodies. This spares both the clinician and the patient the disadvantages of traditional impression taking methods. In addition, sharing data digitally with the laboratory partner via the AG.Live platform saves on transport. This enables the fabrication of dental prostheses within a single day. Treatment in a single session is possible if the Ceramill DRS Production Kit is also used.

Ceramill DRS Connection – modular and flexible
The Ceramill Map DRS intraoral scanner and the AG.Live platform make up the Ceramill DRS Connection Kit and ensure fully integrated, digital and interdisciplinary collaboration with the laboratory partner. There is also the option of expanding this duo with the Production Kit, which consists of the Ceramill Motion DRS milling machine and the Ceramill Mind DRS design software. This enables small restorations to be fabricated directly in the dental practice.
Interdisciplinary collaboration - digital and efficient
The scan data and all other patient data, such as photos, X-rays, etc., can be shared instantly with the laboratory via the AG.Live platform. Design and fabrication can thus be taken over by the laboratory. Rapid feedback on the preparation and/or the scan is also possible and thus subsequent preparation or scanning can possibly be performed in the same session. Hence, AG.Live offers a platform for the entire communication process between the two parties. This increases transparency and saves considerably on time.

Scanning convenience for fastest scanning processes in the dental practice

The Ceramill Map DRS intraoral scanner eliminates the need for conventional impressions and transmits the data to the laboratory via AG.Live at the touch of a button.

Small, ergonomic, fast

Due to its light weight and slim design, the Ceramill Map DRS scanner fits very well in the hand and offers best scanning comfort in the dental practice. Even difficult-to-access areas in the patient's mouth can be digitized well. Two different scanning tips are available for this purpose. The integrated scanning software documents the number of scanned patients and thus helps to draw conclusions about autoclaving processes. Numerous software features round off the convenient operation of the scanner. In addition to the usual impression, the remaining patient information (name, age, shade, desired material and indication) can also be transmitted to the laboratory partner for completion of the patient restoration at the touch of a button via AG.Live.

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