Ceramill Mind Screen 2023 Ceramill Artex

Ceramill Mind Virtual Artex CR - The interface from analog to digital

The Artex CR virtual articulator is the functional link between the analog and digital worlds.

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Working with an articulator is standard practice in dental laboratories for the manual fabrication of dental prostheses. To achieve the same quality of work virtually, it is therefore only logical to make this possible when using CAD/CAM systems. The virtual articulator Ceramill Artex® bridges this gap between manual and digital technology: regardless of whether a full articulation scan is performed in the Ceramill Map600+ or a Ceramill Transfer Kit is used, the model articulated in the Artex articulator is transferred and scanned in relation while maintaining Artex synchronization. The movement options of the Artex®CR are therefore synchronized digitally and manually. Interfering structures can already be removed, and this reduces time-consuming grinding procedures on the patient to a minimum.

Digital functional check – safe and patient-specific
The design and calculation of the fully contoured construction is performed dynamically and statically, taking into consideration the antagonists and the values set on the articulator. Even with reduced frames, the space for the veneering ceramic is automatically factored in, thus ensuring high stability and a uniform layer thickness.
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