The One & Open Dental Workflow

We believe in working with you to create a perfect dental workday that connects dental practices and laboratories even better for the benefit of patients. We do this by improving process chains of laboratories and practices and making them even simpler. By bringing dentists and dental technicians together and creating connections that move our dental industry. With a secure, open workflow in which everything is smart, simple and seamlessly connected, and products are complemented by services that enable excellence in everyday dental work.

Dentistry Unified

Digitalization requires change, but offers lucrative opportunities. We see it as our task to accompany dental professionals in this transformative process and to support them with solutions that optimize interdisciplinary collaboration between practice and laboratory. Bridging interdisciplinary gaps is already a reality with Ceramill Workflow and the AG.Live cloud platform. To better meet today's patient demands, lab and dentist can now seamlessly collaborate, unite their craft, and design workflows together at the touch of a button.

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AG.Live makes your work flow

With AG.Live, we support dental laboratories and dental practices holistically in their workflows and revolutionize their collaboration. The virtual platform is directly connected to CAD/CAM production systems and labs (Ceramill) and can be accessed from any Internet-enabled machine. This way, patient data can be shared in a more straightforward manner than ever before. This provides a detailed overview, interdisciplinary exchange, and simplified processes.

  1. Digital

    The entire dental workflow is mapped digitally on a portal.

  2. Central

    Case data is managed at a single point.

  3. Interdisciplinary

    Collaboration between the lab and dentist is transparent and simple.

  4. Efficient

    Connection of the CAD/CAM production systems ensures fast availability of CAD/CAM data in the cloud for storage and further processing.

  5. Safe

    All data provided is compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Open interface for even more flexibility

Seamless case transfer

AG.Live makes communication seamless between the dental practice and the lab. Patient cases with intraoral scanner (IOS) data are transferred directly to the Ceramill lab software, which guarantees a smooth workflow for dentists and dental technicians.

3rd party IOS usage

An open interface in the AG.Live cloud platform enables our Ceramill DRS system to be combined with intraoral scanners from any manufacturer. This makes it particularly easy for dentists to get started with the Direct Restoration Solution System.

Open interface for even more flexibility

Closer networked than ever before

Lab Design Service

AG.Live supports lab - dental practice collaboration effectively by serving as an interface for transmitting design data. The lab takes over the restoration design based on the intraoral scans provided by the dental practice and then transmits the restoration file back to the dental practice via AG.Live.

Status messages from your Caramill machines directly to the cell phone*

By connecting to AG.Live, it will be possible in the future to receive an update on the status of the machines as well as the processed orders from any location and at any time. Information, warnings or error messages are then reported directly in AG.Live or, if desired, by SMS to a designated smartphone.

*Work in progress

Closer networked than ever before