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Ceramill Map 200+ - Digitization made easy

The space-saving scanner for dental laboratories is the ideal solution for beginners as well as professionals who want to fabricate quickly, precisely and economically.

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The fully automatic Ceramill Map 200+ desktop scanner impresses with its simple user-friendliness, compact housing format and outstanding selection of components. Equipped with high-resolution 3D sensors and the DNA Speed Scanning strategy, it delivers fast and precise results that can be immediately processed in the Amann Girrbach workflow. Coupled with a host of features, regular updates, the highest safety standards Made in Germany and excellent service, it offers a simple and cost-effective solution to joining the digital world.

Easy and intelligent
The Ceramill Map 200+ is a fully automatic 2-axis strip light scanner. Especially for smaller, straightforward work in the crown and bridge area, this scanner offers everything you need. The articulator scan has been cleverly replaced by an intelligent autoarticulation software algorithm, so that more complex cases can also be tackled. Expectations as to the user-friendliness of the Ceramill Map200+ are exceeded by its very simple handling combined with the best workflow on the market, all of which guarantees a successful entry into the CAD/CAM fabrication of dentures.
Always up-to-date
The scanner is continuously and automatically upgraded with software updates and new features. This expands the scanner's range of functions and keeps you up to date with the latest technology. This not only continuously optimizes performance, but also ensures the highest possible process safety.

Compact and yet so versatile

The Ceramill Map 200+ was designed to perform every task arising in the laboratory with precision. The wide range of functions and accessories let this small machine achieve big results.

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