Ceramill A-Temp Multilayer 98 Group Front
Ceramill A-Temp Multilayer 98 Group Front

Ceramill A-Temp Multilayer - Perfection for temporaries

Easy to process and highly esthetic: in its Multilayer version, the reliable Ceramill A-Temp resin impresses as a particularly esthetic long-term temporary restoration.

71 mm
98 mm


High esthetics for long-term temporaries: Ceramill A-Temp Multilayer impresses with its color gradient from dentin to the incisal edge and VITA A-D shades perfectly matched to the Zolid DNA generation. The material thus increases acceptance of the try-in when it comes to checking the fit and functionality of the actual dental prostheses before fabrication. In addition to its appearance, Ceramill A-Temp scores with easy processing and versatility. This allows temporaries to be fabricated fully contoured or veneered with resins for crowns and bridges. Common milling and grinding tools and polishing pastes are suitable for finishing work and polishing.

Flexural strength135 MPa

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