Zolid zirconia - definitely the right choice

Amann Girrbach can look back on more than 15 years of experience in the development and production of zirconia blanks. In addition to material properties that are optimally tailored to laboratory requirements, the focus is always on the actual workflow and processing reliability.

Zolid zirconia - definitely the right choice

Zolid zirconia and Ceramill Sintron with innovative plastic frame

From March 15, 2023, Amann Girrbach will be taking product safety to a new level: users will receive blanks from the entire zirconium oxide and Sintron portfolio encased in an innovative plastic frame. This prevents unsightly chipping and breakage and ensures safe handling during milling - in all systems. The usable surface remains the same, as does the usual high product quality. In addition, the blanks will in future come to the user in significantly smaller packaging, which is 100% plastic-free and produced from sustainable raw materials! The safety package is rounded off by the 10-year warranty, which is provided for all Zolid restorations used.

The advantages at a glance:

Tension-free clamping without the risk of chipping and breakage provides more safety in everyday lab work.

The 98.5 mm form is compatible with all common milling systems.

Milling to the edge and beyond, due to the frame's innovative bonding technology.

The beveled phase prevents unsightly chipping, even if the blank is placed less carefully.

Smart markings facilitate repositioning after removal, as well as the positionally correct clamping of multilayer blanks.

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