The Ceramill Matik goes on tour and stops right on your doorstep!  

Experience the innovative features of the first dental full service unit directly in front of your lab! As from the beginning of July, Amann Girrbach specialists will be driving four demonstration vehicles across Europe to present the machine at the agreed location! The vehicles are equipped with a Ceramill Matik in the conventional laboratory environment, so that everyone can convince themselves of the benefits of the intelligent features. The fully automatic warehouse management system, the intelligent tool management as well as the integrated cleaning unit, which enable completely autonomous and administration-free production, free the dental technician from unproductive ancillary activities, which previously required up to 40 percent of his/her working time.

Simply book your desired date underneath at “Book Tourstop” and we will contact you to fix the appointment.

Your Ceramill Matik gives Celft children a smile!

Give a smile – that’s what the Amann Girrbach family intended to do by collecting the first donation in 2018 for the “Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe e.V.”, which financed more than 40 surgeries. At IDS 2019 we started the next initiatives. A dental lab from Beirut purchased the very first Ceramill Matik by a web auction. The auction price – which ended up being much more than the suggested retail price – opens a new dimension of donation. Amann Girrbach is committed to continuously support the organization with various other initiatives.

Now the „one of a kind“  Ceramill Matik will make Cleft children smile carefree. With every purchase of a Ceramill Matik, Amann Girrbach donates a € 250, surgery.

“Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe e.V.” operates through its national affiliates and nearly 80% of the donations benefit the patient directly. They support Cleft children all over the world, so the children can get their needed surgeries and therapies. This organisation helps where and when it’s necessary - either at a border camp or to educate staff locally. This is a philosophy and a path, which we truly support.

You see, together we can change a life forever. So, what’s a child’s smile worth to you? Please find more information and possibilities to help here:


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