We are celebrating 10 years of Zolid zirconia with numerous benefits for you

The Zolid brand was launched 10 years ago, and more than 10 million manufactured units and satisfied customers in more than 100 countries speak for themselves. We would like to thank you for your trust and give you something in return. Under the hashtag #NoSurpriseZirconia, we will be celebrating together with you and in addition to a 10-year warranty on all Zolid restorations used, we will be offering quite a number of further highlights.

The key element of the #NoSurpriseZirconia campaign is the new Zolid quality landing page. As of immediate, you can find all the information about the 10-year Zolid warranty at and print out a certificate of authenticity for your blanks.

With the creation of a "genuine" certificate of authenticity, Amann Girrbach sets new standards in terms of quality and customer service. From now on, you can visit to request a certificate of authenticity for the blanks you purchase, print it out, affix your own company stamp and enclose it with the blanks when delivered to the practice or patient. The certificate contains data relating to the blank, such as, for example, the product name or the production date. And how does this work? Just visit, scan the HIBC code with the "Ceramill Code Scanner" or type in the HIBC code manually, enter your e-mail address, send, and receive the certificate!

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