Certified Gold Partner – VOCO Grandio Disc

Composites are no longer merely suitable as filling materials: they have also become firmly established in CAD/CAM prosthetics and provide first-class dentures which are fully convincing in terms of stability and esthetics as well as in terms of handling. In addition to an excellent material, the milling machine is also decisive for an optimal result. Due to the new cooperation with dental manufacturer VOCO, it is now possible to use the Grandio disc nanoceramic  hybrid material in the Ceramill Matik and Ceramill Motion milling machines with a specifically validated milling strategy - for dentures that meet the highest demands. 

The material and milling machines are ideally matched. In this case, all decisive parameters were thoroughly tested; from general feasibility to material validation through to integration. By doing so, VOCO and we continue our most discerning cooperation with the Gold Partnership, which offers you a maximum in comfort and safety. Highly practical: Grandio disc is listed in the Ceramill Mind Software and is also available as a milling strategy on our milling machines.

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