tex® calibration

Precisely interchange Artex® Articulators

All Artex articulators can be adjusted to uniformity of design using the Splitex key and Splitex plate set. The magnetic plate system is used for metric interchangeability. The precision of calibration is such that deviations are brought down to below 10 μm. This means that models can be mounted and changed with precision on any calibrated Artex.

Adjustability of the Artex articulators greatly simplifies model transfer between the practice and laboratory. Where both parties have a cali brated articulator, then only the models need to be transported, and not the complete articulator. Not only does this protect the articulator against handling problems, it also saves on postal charges.

  • Highly precise interchangeability of Artex articulators thanks to tolerances below 10 μm
  • Saves articulators and increases their profitability
  • Simplifi es dispatch (only the model) and increases the information flow 
  • Splitex Counter plates prevent the risk of poor fit caused by plaster expansion and guarantee quick, precise adaptation to Splitex metal plates

Not all Amann Girrbach products are available in every market. Please contact your respective dealer for further information.