fx preshades

Pre-stained, super high translucent zirconia

Zolid FX Preshades are pre-stained, super high translucent zirconia blanks for monolithic or anatomically reduced anterior restorations and up to 3-unit bridges in the molar region. The blanks, which are homogeneously stained throughout in an industrial process, can be sintered directly after milling. The blanks are available in different shade gradations and users benefit from increased shade stability and accelerated, economic fabrication of highly esthetic restorations.

  • Fully anatomical crowns and bridges (max. 3 units extending to the molar region)
  • Anatomically reduced crown and bridge frameworks (max. 3 units extending to the molar region)
  • Veneers, Inlays, Onlays

Not all Amann Girrbach products are available in every market. Please contact your respective dealer for further information.