Ceramill Software Update available shortly

The Ceramill CAD/CAM Update (Release 3.6 I 2017) will be available shortly for all our Ceramill customers with the following topics:

_ Carving for Ceramill Motion 2 (DNA)

_ Speed milling/dry milling of splints for Micro 5X/Ceramill Motion 2 (all generations)

_ Multiple holders for Ceramill Micro IC

_ Integration of the new materials (Zolid HT+ White, Zolid FX Preshade and VITA ENAMIC multiColor) in the Ceramill database


As soon as the update is available for your region/country, the autoinstaller will notify you automatically via your Ceramill CAD/CAM PC.

You can find all the contents of the update in detail and clearly structured in our new Ceramill Up-To-Date Flyer.


The familiar CAD/CAM Newsletter will continue in the future, what is new, is that it will only be available with the download of the update.


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