Beautiful, efficient and now even greater flexibility with Zolid FX Multilayer in Blocks

The Zolid FX Multilayer family keeps on growing and is extended by the block form. Flexible color management meets a sophisticated holder concept and enables efficient production of different tooth shades overnight.  

The Zolid FX Multilayer blocks are available in 16 VITA shades as well as with both an Amann Girrbach and a universal mandrel for third-party systems. This allows the material to be efficiently processed with all Amann Girrbach dry milling machines as well as with third-party systems.

The shade concept is analogous to the large milling blanks and of course the block offers all the advantages of its big brother in terms of translucency, color gradient and esthetics.

Zirconia blocks can be processed dry with the aid of the block adapter for the blank holder 71 in all Ceramill units. This can considerably reduce costs for stocks, especially for shades that are relatively rare. Due to the ingenious holder concept in the Motion 2, nine different tooth shades can be produced overnight. This further optimizes the flexibility and efficiency of fabrication in the laboratory.


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