40 percent more time for value creation

With the Ceramill Matik processing unit we revolutionize the digital laboratory routine. The innovative full service unit combines the actual processing station with a fully automatic stock management system, with intelligent tool management and a machine cleaning device, which enables an automatic change between wet and dry mode. This means that the Ceramill Matik works fully automatically and can also manufacture autonomously during the night or on weekends. The dental technician is thus freed from unproductive secondary activities, which previously occupied up to 40 percent of his/her working time, and can now focus 100 percent on value-creating activities.

The brain behind the new all-round carefree solution is the completely redesigned 10-axis control unit. On the one hand, it masters the highly efficient 5-axis production unit with all the innovative processing modes of the Ceramill DNA Generation and guarantees maximum indication and material diversity. And on the other hand, it controls the intelligent material and tool management. Among other things, this includes the integrated blank tank, which holds so many materials that it can even always reload the processing station over a weekend. Due to an RFID chip on the holder of each blank, all relevant material information can be read out contact-free and the dental technician has access to a list of all materials available in the laboratory at any given time. The innovative Tool Management also brings intelligence to tool administration – patent-pending. Never again do milling cutters have to be disposed of almost unused, because the material to which they belong and the current service life are unknown.

Even brittle materials such as NEM milling alloys can be processed with high precision and the finest surface quality. With its latest software update, we make the fabrication of accurately fitting secondary crowns easier and more intuitive than ever before. Secondary crowns for telescope restorations can be fabricated in the familiar, wizard-guided Ceramill workflow.

For everyday laboratory routine all this means: the dental technician regains his/her role as the pacesetter in the digital manufacturing process – not the machine.

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