Esthetic Mangement – New Video Tutorials online

"Esthetic Management" deals with the fabrication of highly esthetic restorations from Zolid zirconia. In addition to the appropriate tools for finishing, the focus is clearly on "Education and Support". 

Video tutorials are becoming increasingly important in the digital age and are also an integral part of "Esthetic Management". During the past weeks we worked intensively on extending the tutorial library. As of immediate, the following new tutorials are available covering various areas:

External Finish
• Final processing of restorations after sintering
• Video tutorial on the correct use of the tools plus helpful tips and tricks for using stains and veneering ceramics

Internal Finish
Staining of Zolid restorations with Ceramill Liquids before sintering
• Video tutorials on the correct use of Ceramill Liquids and the different staining techniques plus helpful tips and tricks
• Fasthetix Basic:
• Fasthetix Advanced:
• Aesthetix Basic:
• Aesthetix Advanced:

The videos will also soon be integrated into the new interactive Zolid Processing Guide. Enjoy watching!

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