Extension of the implant libraries in the C3

With the next software update in February, you will be able to download the TI-Forms implant prosthetics libraries from Neodent and Paltop in C3. The libraries were created specifically for the Amann Girrbach system, they have been tested intensively and can also be downloaded from the websites of the manufacturers Neodent and Paltop.

You can only obtain the titanium abutment blanks, the scanbodies and the accessories themselves exclusively from the manufacturers and their distribution partners.

With the next software update we will also offer you the library for Ankylos titanium bases from Dentsply Sirona in C3 for downloading. The titanium bases for Ankylos combine the proven strength of a prefabricated titanium abutment with the esthetics of an individually designed ceramic restoration. This solution enables you to design and fabricate a CAD/CAM restoration within their preferred workflow. All titanium bases are fabricated with the highest degree of precision. The individual design allows you to create highly esthetic results. The ceramic stump is designed and fabricated by you according to the preferred workflow with the ideal emergence profile and the ideal emergence shape. Extraoral bonding offers you full control over the procedure. Any adhesive residues can be removed easily.

You can only obtain the titanium bases, scanbodies and screws as well as the accessories exclusively from Dentsply Sirona and its distribution partners.

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