Obituary – Thomas Gienger

July 2021

A big heart has stopped beating: Thomas Gienger, dental technician and trainer at Amann Girrbach, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in July 2021 at the age of 58.

Thomas Gienger began his career in dental technology after graduating from high school in the greater Pforzheim area. Right from the very beginning, his interests lay in the technically challenging areas: cone and attachment technology, one-piece casting and electroplating, as well as all aspects of metallurgy - this is where he felt at home and pursued extensive further training.

After various positions in the laboratory, the dental industry soon took note of this clever and witty personality. And so it came as no surprise that he started earning his spurs as a trainer, initially for attachment technology and one-piece casting, at Bredent in Senden in 2000.

In 2003, Thomas Gienger joined Amann Girrbach and discovered CAD/CAM technology for himself, which was still in its infancy at the time. His love of (precious) metal was complemented by his love of the then novel material zirconia. The revolutionary Ceramill base copy milling system owes him much of its success: didactically brilliant, technically highly proficient and always very humorous, he generously shared his knowledge with an entire generation of dental technicians.

He finally discovered his big playground in the field of CAD/CAM development. Always curious but also critically aware, he implemented the new possibilities in his courses in a manner everyone could comprehend. He rapidly advanced to become THE CAD/CAM expert and explored the intricate depths of software and hardware together with the users.

Be it in person or online, whether in Germany or elsewhere in the world - Thomas Gienger's warm and humorous manner won him a large following in the dental world, which already misses him. His colleagues mourn the loss of a clever advisor, a helpful colleague and, last but not least, a good friend.

Thomas Gienger leaves a big void which can only be filled by the memory of his laughing eyes and his big heart.

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