Digitization pays off

AG.Live is the first portal that is directly connected to a CAD/CAM production system (Ceramill) and can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device. This enables a comprehensive overview, an interdisciplinary exchange and simplified processes digitally and at any time.

Clear, centralized, digital
On AG.Live, all patient cases are displayed automatically and clearly - and can therefore be managed, edited and amended centrally. This offers a major advantage: the entire workflow in the laboratory is mapped digitally. Staff are given full control and access to all information in real time and at all times - from the order through to fabrication.

Product overviews - status update at any time
Be it registered machines, software or CAD/CAM materials: you will be given an up-to-date status overview quickly and easily, for example through material traceability per individual case. Furthermore, you will gain access to software updates and libraries for download.

Interdisciplinary cooperation - easy, efficient, safe
Working together with partners is one of the key functions of AG.Live. Partner laboratories and soon also dentists can be invited to join. Patient case data can thus be shared efficiently and safely for processing. Orders sent or received will be particularly easy to track in the future. If more detailed coordination is necessary for an individual patient case, this can be communicated in writing in the case-specific thread.

Full feature set available in selected markets.

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