Zolid HT+ in a nut shell

What actually is Zolid HT+, what distinguishes this new material? All these facts are given in the new 2-pager on Zolid HT+. Everything has been compiled succinctly and concisely in this flyer, starting with a brief description of the product, via material properties through to ordering information. Download Flyer

The simple and easy approach to perfect results

Correct processing is the basis for achieving highly aesthetic, and above all, reproducible results. For this reason, Zolid HT+ white was added to the staining technique guide. This now provides all the important information on the indication areas, the various staining methods and on sintering. The new guideline can be downloaded in German and English from the download section of the Amann Girrbach homepage. Download Flyer Staining Technique

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