New in the portfolio - Programat CS2 glazing and crystallization furnace - the key to durable restorations from IPS e.max CAD

After the milling process, restorations made of IPS e.max CAD still need to undergo crystallization firing. Only then will the final properties develop and lend the material esthetics and strength. To ensure safe and process-compliant processing for you, we are adding the Programat CS2 glazing and crystallization furnace from Ivoclar Vivadent to its portfolio to coincide with the sales launch of the IPS e.max CAD blocks. 

The new Programat CS2 has been specifically developed for the crystallization of IPS e.max CAD restorations. Operation is simple via a color touch display and membrane keypad. The Programat CS2 features 20 individual programs. These include a speed program that crystallizes IPS e.max CAD restorations in less than 15 minutes..


  • Color touch display in combination with proven membrane keypad
  • State-of-the-art operating concept - specifically developed for the dental practice
  • Automatic dual range calibration (ATK2)
  • Remote diagnosis via Internet, e-mail and data log files
  • Software updates via USB stick
  • Dual valve vacuum technology

To create the vacuum required for crystallization firing, Amann Girrbach will in future also offer the corresponding vacuum pumps. These are matched to the Programat CS2 and thus assure reliable processing.

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