Optimum printing results with Nextdent 5100 for Ceramill through proper care

Amann Girrbach has been present on the market for just under 1 year with the NextDent 5100 for Ceramill. The quality of the printed results and the positive customer feedback are overwhelming.

To continue to enjoy printing in the long term, to achieve the best printing results and always achieve a faultless print job, proper cleaning and maintenance are required.

Did you know that cleaning the lens is necessary to remove dust from the light unit? Did you know that an air filter ensures that ambient air is filtered to prevent dust inclusions in the material?

To make cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible, you can now study and document the maintenance and cleaning intervals in detail on a well structured checklist with information and illustrated descriptions. 

Take a convenient look at the summary at

The scope of maintenance essentially comprises the following points:

Execution frequency Action
Weekly Cleaning of the tray's contact surface
Every 2 weeks Inspection of lens and cable
Inspection of the collection container
Monthly Cleaning of the material tray
Cleaning of the printer
Cleaning of the tray holder
Inspection and cleaning of the cover
Cleaning of the screen/QR scanner
Every 3 months Replacement of air filter! (181606)
Replacement of carbon filter (180605)
Check the leveling of the printer

Tip: conveniently document the steps in the online tool and print them out at the same time.

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