Clearly arranged, color-sorted and in accustomed quality – the new tool portfolio from Amann Girrbach

The tool portfolio for the Ceramill machine family will be unified with immediate effect. As a result, the color-coded, convenient and RFID-coded tool packaging introduced with the Ceramill Matik, is now also available for the product families Ceramill Motion and Ceramill Mikro.

In addition, the portfolio in the field of universal milling cutters was differentiated and divided into zirconium, Sintron and PMMA/wax. As a consequence, tool life can be tracked more accurately, milling results can be improved through single-origin processing and cross-contamination of the different materials can be prevented.

Specifically in the changeover, the Diamond grinder line can be offered with high precision at a concentricity of maximum 10µm - a first on the market. Thus, in addition to benefiting from a standardized range of tools, these new precision grinders offer you improved edge quality, fewer breaks, and a generally improved restoration quality.

The packaging changeover also allows consolidation of the tool article numbers. However, for the near future you can continue to order as usual with the previous article numbers, and you will automatically receive the newly packaged tools. In case you have other milling machines in addition to the Ceramill Matik, you can now order in a simplified manner. An overview of the tools available and the materials to be processed can be obtained here.

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