CAD/CAM Implant prosthetics components for Bego Semados® implants

After many years of availability of the individual CAD/CAM prosthetics from BEGO Medical's central manufacturing, the availability of BEGO Semados® implants via TI-forms and titanium bases is now possible in-house with the Ceramill system. 

TI-Forms abutments for BEGO Semados® implants were developed for customised, single-piece and location-independent processing. The TI-Forms with prefabricated connection for the implant can be milled with all Ceramill CNC units with the wet function and form the basis for the cooperation between Amann Girrbach AG and BEGO Implant Systems GmbH & Co. KG.

To ensure an accurate fit in the implant, the use of original BEGO Implant System parts is recommended. In order to recognise original components, the hex of the abutment is marked with the BEGO logo.

TI-forms, CAD positioners and bonding bases, including the prosthetic and technician screw, are distributed by BEGO Implant Systems and Amann Girrbach AG*.

The complete product portfolio is given in the brochure

The Bego Implant libraries can be found in the C3 in the download area.