Artex Facebow – Optimization of the joint support

The joint support of the facebow has been improved through specific material tests by our development engineers. Through this further development, the joint supports have attained enhanced durability and do not exhibit any discoloration or corrosion after frequent reprocessing cycles.

The reprocessing instructions describe in detail how the individual components of the facebow must be treated. You should take special care to ensure that the articles with semi-critical patient contact are reprocessed using the process described in the instructions.

The Section "Specific aspects" lists all the reprocessing methods for the respective components. Components with non-semi-critical patient contact can be treated with spray or wipe disinfection.

When servicing the joint support, please ensure that the ball bearing, the thread and the attachments are maintained regularly with Ballistol oil or a food-safe silicone grease and that the screws are not overtightened.

If you follow all the points given in the instructions, a long lasting use of the Artex facebow / joint support can be guaranteed. The reprocessing instructions as well as the Instructions for Use for the Artex facebow are linked here.

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