Ceramill Motion 3 – Digital Peace of Mind

Superb precision, future-proof and full in-house value creation through maximum material and indication diversity form the basis of the Ceramill machine concept.

The new 5-axis milling unit not only combines wet and dry processing in a single machine, but also enables an end-to-end digital workflow. On the one hand, this provides you with a maximum diversity of materials and indications. On the other hand, its digital features enable you to manage your laboratory infrastructure in an uncomplicated manner and to optimize it on an ongoing basis.

Due to the connection to the AG.Live platform, you have the possibility of accessing the Ceramill Motion 3 at any time and from anywhere, to receive orders safely and quickly, and to monitor everything related to production and customer service. At the same time, you benefit from the integrated analysis tools, with which you can make your business processes even more efficient. The intuitive HMI and guided CAD/CAM production and maintenance allow you to focus entirely on your core business. In addition, the tools and blank holders of the Ceramill Motion 3 are equipped with RFID technology, thus ensuring process reliability and enormously simplifying the handling of tools and consumables. The automatic reminder function for maintenance, care and service cycles provides for reliability and a long service life of the machine and leaves the operator free to focus on other things. The innovative machining strategies for rotational milling, such as the Carving or the Sculpturing Mode, round off the versatility of the system.

Product benefits:

  • Access the world's smartest 5-axis hybrid machine, anytime and anywhere.
  • Maximum user-friendliness and process reliability due to HMI and RFID technology.
  • Optimal capacity and resource management owing to AG.Live's smart analysis functions.
  • Fully automated dental arch restorations of the highest quality due to innovative Carving and Sculpturing technology (C-Clamp).