Ceramill M-Gin for REAX Bridges - 5 Reasons for opting for REAX

The Ceramill M-Gin software module enables easy digital fabrication of fixed restorations with gingiva sections on implants - so-called REAX (Reliable All on X). The following are 5 reasons why you should opt for the M-Gin.

1. Plug and Play for everyone:
Complex restorations on implant bridges can be quickly and easily fabricated using the Ceramill M-Gin module. The Wizard integrated in the software guides the user step by step through the design process, guaranteeing precision and process reliability.

2. Increasing profits in the lab:
The efficiency and economic fabrication of Ceramill REAX implant bridges increases value creation and brings back profit to the lab with only a few clicks. 

3. Maximum aesthetics with minimum effort:
The new Ceramill Cutback library enables easy, quick aesthetic designing of anterior teeth at the press of a button. Different cut-back moulds are available, providing the right solution for every situation.

4. Saves time and money:
New milling strategies for undercut areas enable high-quality surfaces, ensuring minimum reworking.

5. Fully integrated system solution:
Fabrication of REAX bridges is, in accordance with the Ceramill CAD/CAM philosophy, a completely integrated system solution. All software and hardware components are perfectly coordinated.

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