Mindforms tooth library: Cutback extension

Aesthetics at the press of a button perfectly describes the new library developed by dental technician Knut Miller. Uniform cutback structures without the time-consuming freeform process create reproducible results. Three different anterior cut-back moulds provide labs with the ideal choice between aesthetics and security.

Incisal cutback for the highest aesthetic demands → labial and incisal regions are fully porcelain veneered 

Labial cutback creates a combination of aesthetics and security. Labial aspects and parts of the incisal edge are porcelain veneered.

Labial cutback, supported for maximum security → only the labial region is porcelain veneered. The incisal edge is fully protected by the high-strength framework material. 


Art. Nr. 179700: Ceramill Mindforms 2.0 by Knut Miller (including the tooth mould atlas book “individualis naturae dentis”) - for new customers 

Art. Nr. 179701: Ceramill Mindforms Cutback Extension by Knut Miller - for existing Ceramill Mindforms customers

Interested? The new cutback library is a component of the “Ceramill M-Gin” online training course. Extend your product portfolio to include an indication that increases profits (implant-supported restorations with gingiva section) and learn the new cutback library at the same time. 

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