Esthetic management – new video tutorials in the processing technology guide

"Esthetic Management" deals with the fabrication of highly esthetic restorations from Zolid zirconia. In addition to the appropriate tools for finishing, the focus is clearly on "Education and Support". And this of course also includes video tutorials. Today they form an integral part in conjunction with instructions to help you as best possible in the processing of the materials.

As already announced in August, there are some new features in the Zolid video tutorials section. The new videos deal in depth with the staining of zirconia before and after sintering and are integrated on the homepage as well as on the YouTube Channel of Amann Girrbach.

As of immediate, the tutorials listed above are also anchored in the interactive "Processing Technology" guide. In the section "Internal Finish" (coloring with liquids), there are now "Step-by-Step" videos on the different staining techniques. In the section "External Finish", the correct use of the Esthetic Management tools for layering and painting is demonstrated, together with many valuable tips and tricks.

The videos can be opened simply in the appropriate section, just by clicking on the red Play icon in the guide. The updated guide "Processing Technology" can be downloaded directly from the following link:

Enjoy watching!

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