Ceramill Matik sets new standards in the areas of speed and restoration quality

The 100 delivered Ceramill Matiks are busy milling/grinding and carving day and night. Response to the innovative "Full Service Unit" is overwhelming! In addition to the simplification in material and tool management expected by customers, two key features stand out: restoration quality and speed.

"Our Ceramill Matik mills faster than any other dental milling machine I have seen so far...", states an enthusiastic owner of a laboratory in Berlin, "...I am delighted all the more by this, as I had actually made the investment mainly because of the high degree of automation."

"The fit and surface quality of Ceramill Matik is definitely unrivalled on the market! – How Amann Girrbach was able to top this after the Motion 2", enthuses a South German laboratory.

Overall, the Ceramill Matik also proved convincing in terms of set-up and installation.

Customers are still eagerly awaiting the tungsten carbide option, which completely rounds off the full service concept. The start here is early March.

More information about the Ceramill Matik can be found here.

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