Price adjustments for Ceramill Sintron and Exit of Ceramill TI

Increased prices on the raw materials market mean that we have to increase the M-Center prices for Ceramill Sintron units unscheduled by approx. 10% as of 2022-07-01. The following items are affected by this:

Article number Product designation
790016  Ceramill Sintron Units anat. 1-4
790017  Ceramill Sintron Units anat. 5-7
790018  Ceramill Sintron Units anat. 8-11
790019 Ceramill Sintron Units anat. 12-14
790020  Ceramill Sintron Reax bridge


Due to the low demand for the Ceramill TI material, we will discontinue the affected items from the M-Center range as of 2022-09-01. As an alternative, we can continue to offer the Ceramill TI Alloy material:

Article number Product designation
790410  Ceramill TI Units 1-14 ven.
790411  Ceramill TI Units 1-14 anat.
90413  Ceramill TI Units Abutm. Hybrid 1

We thank for your understanding and look forward to continued successful cooperation.

Your Ceramill M-Center Team

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