Ceramill RE(L)AX. Quick and easy fabrication of implant-supported bridges with gingiva section

A simple workflow and fully coordinated components create reliable processes and are the key to success. With the Ceramill REAX bridge Amann Girrbach provides labs with a systematic solution for the fabrication of implant-supported bridges with a gingival section. The intuitive Wizard workflow, new Ceramill Mind features and special milling strategies create an efficient, simple Plug & Play process. 

Ceramill Mind M-Gin module

Crown and bridges with a gingival section can be created in a completely digital process using the new “M-Gin” software module for the Ceramill Mind design software. Functions are also available that further simplify the process such as automatic blocking out of the model or reduction of the gingiva at the press of a button as preparation for subsequent veneering. 

New Ceramill Mind features

The free Ceramill Mind update has many interesting functions, which together with the M-Gin module, form the perfect basis for fabricating REAX restorations. These functions, for example will allow alignment of teeth in groups in future, setting up of teeth independent of abutment position or deleting of bridge connectors. 

Knut Miller cut-back Library 

Aesthetics at the press of a button perfectly describes the new cut-back library. Uniform cut-back structures without the time-consuming freeform process create reproducible results. Three different shapes give labs the choice between aesthetics and stability.

The right strategy for each case 

What is the use of a simple workflow if it cannot be implemented 1 to 1 in the CNC process? For this reason, Amann Girrbach also provides new strategies in addition to the CAD features for processing complex geometries such as REAX bridges or cutback structures. The new strategy for five-axis external processing reduces manual reworking after milling to a minimum, greatly increasing efficiency.

Detailed information about Ceramill REAX bridges will follow shortly in the update newsletter.

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