Perfect Finishing. Ceramill Green State Finishing Kit by Knut Miller

The Ceramill Green-State Finishing Kit provides users with the optimum instruments for finishing Ceramill Zirconia or Ceramill Sintron restorations before the sintering process.

This set separates restorations, trims pins and produces the finest detail definition with outstanding efficiency. The special instruments developed in collaboration with dental technician Knut Miller significantly contribute to a successful outcome. In addition to a special instrument for gentle separation from the blank, there is also an instrument available to users for producing the finest fissures.

The combination of different instruments allow restorations to be prepared in such detail before sintering that subsequently virtually no manual reworking is required. It is recommended to use the instruments either for zirconia or sintering metal and not combine them with one another. This prevents contamination of the respective material.  

Art. No. Description
875520 Ceramill Green State Finishing Kit (Set)
875521 Detach Carbide  (Refill by Knut Miller)
875522 Carbide Cutter CX, 2 pcs. (Refill)
875523 Universal Polisher, 5 pcs. (Refill)
875524 Fissure cutter squared, 2 pcs. (Refill by Knut Miller)
875525 Carbide Cutter small, 2 pcs (Refill)
875526 Diamond Flame, 5 pcs. (Refill)
875527 Diamant parallel, 5 pcs. (Refill)

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