Zolid HT+ Preshades - The 16 from 7 concept

The latest addition to the Zolid DNA range is Zolid HT+ PS – a pre-stained, highly translucent zirconium oxide which combines high mechanical characteristics with outstanding esthetics.

With the already available Zolid HT+ Preshade stains (BL; A1, A2, A3, B2, C1, C3, D2), all 16 VITA tooth shades can be achieved with only 7 blanks by using a sophisticated staining technique with the Ceramill Stain & Glaze stains.

In addition to the already available "Stain & Glaze“ Kit with a full color spectrum, a variant with a reduced number of shades is now also available.  The new Essential Kit only contains the stains which are required to achieve the16 VITA shades from the seven Zolid HT+ Preshade blanks. A detailed description of the staining technique including a shade guide as well as further tips and tricks, can be found in the brochure "Zolid DNA staining technique". 

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