Fast faster Fasthetix. A new level of efficiency

Fasthetix describes a new technique for adding special effects to fully anatomical zirconia restorations in less than 20 seconds. In future, special staining effects can be added to Zolid and Zolid FX restorations before sintering using only one liquid set (Ceramill Liquid New Formula). The Fasthetix method is the perfect entry to the world of Amann Girrbach translucent zirconia materials. The result after sintering are restorations with a shade gradient perfectly matched to the VITA shade guide.

_ Efficiency and aesthetics in harmony – special staining effects of fully anatomical restorations before sintering in 20 seconds

_ Cost-effective processes in the lab thanks to the use of only one liquid set for Zolid and Zolid FX.

_ Two ingenious staining techniques ensure restorations with a natural appearance 

High-quality training materials in the form of step-by-step instructions, videos, shade charts and courses are available to users for successful implementation in the lab.   

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