New in Material Portfolio – Ivoclar Vivadent blocks available as of November from Amann Girrbach

As of November, the CAD/CAM material portfolio will be expanded to include blocks from Ivoclar Vivadent. The objective of the cooperation was to integrate materials that are characterized by an efficient processing workflow, as well as high esthetics. In addition to IPS e.max CAD for PrograMill, you can now also choose between IPS empress CAD for PrograMill and Tetric CAD for PrograMill. The blocks are available to you in the most popular sizes and shades, covering almost all indications.

IPS e.max CAD for PrograMill had already been successfully validated for the Ceramill Motion 2 and the Ceramill Matik in 2019 and can be processed in both machines with the corresponding blank holders. In addition to the Ceramill Motion 2 and the Ceramill Matik, IPS e.max CAD restorations can also be processed in the new Ceramill Motion DRS. Empress CAD for PrograMill and Tetric CAD can initially only be processed in the Ceramill Motion DRS. Below are a few more details about the new materials.

IPS e.max CAD for PrograMill
IPS e.max CAD is the world's best-selling glass ceramic. It is suitable for the efficient fabrication of full contour restorations and stands for flexibility combined with a full range of applications. In addition, it features a high strength of 530 MPa. Both the esthetic properties as well as durability have been confirmed in clinical practice. Particularly in the case of full contour crowns, these values allow a layer thickness of only 1 millimeter with adhesive luting.

IPS empress CAD for PrograMill
IPS Empress CAD are leucite-reinforced glass ceramic blocks for the CAD/CAM technique. Due to their homogeneity and light diffusion, they provide a balanced chameleon effect. The highlight of the IPS Empress CAD product range is represented by the polychromatic IPS Empress CAD multi blocks. Due to the natural shade and fluorescence gradient from dentin to the incisal edge, they lend restorations maximum esthetics and naturalness.

Tetric CAD for PrograMill
Tetric CAD enables the efficient fabrication of esthetic single-tooth composite restorations. After grinding, the restoration is merely polished and can then be directly incorporated adhesively. The pronounced chameleon effect of the material ensures that Tetric CAD restorations blend in naturally with existing tooth situations.

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