Ceramill Zolid HT+ Much more than just a white disc

Zolid HT + is much more than just a white disc - Zolid HT+ contains Amann Girrbach DNA. Developed by dental engineers and dental technicians and manufactured on state-of-the-art production equipment, Zolid HT+ offers processing and material properties which are adapted perfectly to dental applications.

Zolid HT+ combines high mechanical characteristics with outstanding aesthetics. At 1,100 MPa, the strength lies in the same range as Zolid, however, the aesthetics well surpass that of comparable materials on the market. Even massive structures, for example implant-supported structures with a gingival component, radiate the vitality of natural teeth due to their high light permeability.


_ Full indication spectrum through high flexural strength of 1,100 MPa

_ Top level aesthetics with natural look due to increased translucency

_Optimised processing integrated harmoniously into the AG zirconium oxide workflow

The optimised manufacturing process of the blanks also has a positive effect on the milling aspects of processing. Otherwise nothing has changed in processing - Zolid HT+ is integrated harmoniously into the Amann Girrbach zirconium oxide workflow. The "new formula“ Ceramill Liquids are matched perfectly to Zolid HT+ and achieve highly aesthetic colour shade results corresponding to the VITA shade guide. Details on the processing of Zolid HT+ white with new formula Ceramill Liquids can be found in the revised Staining Technique Guide.

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