A smile for children with a cleft lip and palate

Amann Girrbach's fundraising campaign for the benefit of Cleft Children's Aid is a great success

Amann Girrbach has been supporting the German and Austrian Cleft Children's Aid with numerous campaigns since 2018. Thanks to these organizations, children with cleft palates receive highly professional and quality on-site medical care in 12 project countries from more than 250 local physicians and therapists.

"What we started with a Charity Olympics at the 2018 Sales Meeting has now become a joint success story with a wide range of projects. Despite Corona, the economic crisis and political uncertainty, Amann Girrbach can look back on a magnificent result of the campaign: The dental industry's willingness to donate is unprecedented - worldwide!", says Stephanie Günther, Marketing/Charity Amann Girrbach.

The fundraising activities are extremely diversified: Amann Girrbach sponsors surgery as part of the "Give a smile" program. Dental laboratories from all over the world have the opportunity to give donations at Amann Girrbach's exhibition stands, employees organize donation raffles for a sponsored children's hospital in Bangladesh, and there is also a lively exchange of expertise and project support at the development level - ideas are continuously developed, multiplied and shared.

The continued sustainability of this cooperation was confirmed this year with the founding of the Austrian Cleft Children's Aid not far from Amann Girrbach's headquarters in Koblach (Austria).

"In 2020 in particular, we learned that the willingness to help is limitless - be it on a personal or a business level. In summary, we were able to transfer the incredible sum of EUR 50,000 in total on behalf of all those involved!", says Kai Kietz, international Sales at Amann Girrbach, and continues: "Ceramill dealers have also contributed to this donation to date in the form of waiving purchase discounts. To date, 32 dealers worldwide have joined this initiative, which started back in 2019. Together with Denspro, our trading partner in India, we are embarking on a fantastic new project to 3D print splints for pre-operative treatment (rapid NAM - nasoalvolear molding). This enables us to distribute free splint sets to affected infants, which help to minimize the procedure, often quite drastically."

On behalf of the German and Austrian Cleft Children's Aid in cooperation with Amann Girrbach and especially on behalf of the more than 200 children who were given a very real opportunity of a future worth living in 2020, here's a big thank you to everyone involved!  

Facts about the project
In many countries, children with a cleft lip and palate live on the fringes of society. The Corona pandemic has brought urgently required medical care to a virtual standstill. And this although many of the children suffer from serious health problems - where, depending on the severity, it is a matter of basic survival. The children can hardly take in food, are outcast, stigmatized. Surgery is not a mere cosmetic issue, it gives them a future.

However, despite being a difficult year, the German & Austrian Cleft Children's Aid were able to facilitate some 4000 surgical procedures and numerous accompanying therapies. Most recently, a new site was even opened in Bolivia.

Support is always welcome!
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