Zolid "Processing Technology“ Guide – Collection of specialist knowledge with interactive features and many tips & tricks

Proper processing of Zolid is the only way to secure the long-term success of dental restorations. The user requires detailed training documents to achieve highly esthetic results right from the start.

The new Zolid “Processing Technology” guide not only accompanies the user from the CAD design to processing all the way to the final esthetics but also links online and offline information with interactive interfaces to application videos and other in-depth training material. In line with the actual application-oriented processing chain, the manual efficiently helps to achieve perfect results right from the start.

The new Zolid Guide is part of the “Esthetic Management” and, along with many videos and tips and tricks, naturally includes all the Esthetic Management tools such as grinding and polishing sets or the ceramic brush.

The new guide is available on in the download area under Brochures in 5 languages (DE/EN/ FR /IT/ES/).

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