No perfect restoration without perfect model management

The process chain in model management ranges from analog registration with the Artex facebow, to modeling with the Giroform system, which circumvents plaster expansion of the model by segmentation and enables highly precise models, and the Artex system for articulation.

Creating the perfect 3D digital image of a physical tooth model or impression, requires an intelligent and efficient scanner which guarantees maximum precision and reliability. The latest generation of scanners from Amann Girrbach, the Ceramill Map 600+ enables the use of all articulators and virtually operates automatically. This not only reduces the manual work steps during the scanning process, but also avoids operator errors.

As a digital alternative to the analog facebow, Zebris for Ceramill opens up a new dimension in functional dentistry with the latest optical sensor technology.

The intraoral scanner captures digital impressions quickly and easily, enabling a completely digital workflow from the dental practice to the dental laboratory. Above all, the scanner is characterized by its enormous speed, its compact design and first-class user-friendliness. For patients, treatment is therefore associated with a considerably higher level of comfort.

The post-scanning work steps with Amann Girrbach's precision chain (CAD design, production by milling or 3D printing) complement each other perfectly - and together with the specifically developed materials manufactured by us, there is nothing left to prevent the perfect restoration.

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