Ceramill Therm S - The quick, flexible sintering solution

The Ceramill Therm S gives the laboratory a new level of flexibility. In addition to the possibility of sintering single restoration in only 2 hours, the compact, energy-efficient furnace impresses, above all, with its range of applications. 

As well as the ability to sinter up to 6-unit restorations and the Autodry drying function, glaze firings are also no problem for this agile unit. Furthermore the Therm S sets new standards in user-friendlyness. In additon to a 10.4" touch display and an intuitive interface, the furnace can be connected to the internet via a network interface. 

Tedious updates and protocol archiving are thus things of the past. This and other service and remote functions can be easily managed directly via an internet database.  

The shortened sintering time has absolutely no influence on the material properties. This was proven by various measurements in the R&D department:

_ No influence on the translucency 

_ No influence on the shade 

_ No influence on the mechanical properties