Esthetic Management - As esthetics are not happenstance

Esthetic Management by Amann Girrbach makes the fabrication of highly esthetic restorations from Zolid zirconium oxide now easier than ever before. The focus is on simplifying and optimizing all work steps after milling the restoration right through to the final result.

A systematic solution: the consistent expansion of the AG precision chain creates a significantly more convenient fabrication process for Zolid restorations.
Highly esthetic and reproducible results: detailed guidelines and numerous video tutorials ensure satisfied dentists and patients.
Maximum efficiency and safety: the broad spectrum of aids for optimum processing of restorations made of Zolid zirconium oxide satisfies all requirements.

Divided into the three areas "Remove and Refine", "Internal Finish" and "External Finish", AG offers the user a wide range of accessories that makes every dental technician's heart beat faster and greatly facilitates the fabrication of highly esthetic Zolid DNA restorations. Add to this, the detailed guidelines, video tutorials and interesting blog posts that leave no questions unanswered for the processing of Zolid DNA. The offer is rounded off with special courses and webinars by experienced trainers and international Zolid users.

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