Ceramill Mikro IC: Still grinding or are you already carving?

The power pack with the "Carving-Mode"

This compact 4-axis milling unit extends in-house fabrication of conventional laboratory indications to include the option of wet grinding/milling. Titanium abutment blanks can also be processed with this unit in the same way as composites, hybrid and glass-ceramics.

The carving mode is a special grinding technique, which enables glass and hybrid ceramics to be processed with a saving in time of approx. 60%.

In contrast to conventional milling or grinding, in the carving mode the tool does not follow a linear, constant feed movement but moves over curved paths. In this way excess material is completely separated, thus avoiding grinding down the blank to the actual geometry.  

The procedure, unprecedented in dental CAD/CAM technology until now, results in a massive saving in time when fabricating single-tooth restorations made from hybrid or glass ceramic and corresponds to processing times of systems using two spindles. 

Carving can be performed on the Ceramill Mikro IC and Ceramill Motion 2.

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