Zirconia finishing on the patient made easy

The Zolid Polishing Dent Kit has been updated and is now available in a new design. The new black drill stand for the kit impresses with its elegant design and enables easy handling when disinfecting the tools.

The six tools in the Zolid Polishing Dent Kit Update allow zirconia restorations to be finished perfectly in the patient's mouth and then polished. Any necessary corrections are easy to perform with the kit during the annual check-up of the zirconia restoration. This preserves the antagonists and neighboring teeth and ensures that they are not damaged.

Further information on the use of the Zolid Polishing Dent Kit can be found in the brochures "Clinical Guide I", "Clinical Guide II" and "Clinical Guide III". Interactive instructional videos are available as of immediate in the Clinical Guide II brochure.

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