The all-round sintering furnace Therm S – flexible & fast sintering

The Ceramill Therm S is the ideal addition to existing large-volume and long-sintering furnaces in every laboratory.

The energy-efficient, optimally utilized sintering compartment and the autodry/autocooling, glazing and crystallization functions under atmosphere make the Therm S suitable for a wide range of applications.

The furnace concept is designed such that even large span work can be sintered depending on the type / shape of stabilizer used and the positioning in the furnace.

Sintering programs:
1. Speed sintering in 2h
2. Optimized sintering programs 3.5h-5.5h from the Therm 3 for all indications, also with stabilizer
3. Freely programmable sintering programs up to 1560 °C, a prerequisite for various third-party materials

As an option, the Ceramill Therm S can be equipped with a second sintering level to double the available space.

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