Ceramill Mind Update - simply versatile, simply fast, simply everything is possible!

With the Ceramill Mind Software Update 3.14 and the new software features of the Ceramill M-Gin, you can now fabricate an implant-supported bridge with gingiva portion more easily and efficiently than ever before. The new functions simplify the fabrication of hybrid constructions in particular. You now have the option of using REAX (Reliable all on-x) hybrid restorations to design the supra-construction and the individual crowns in a single step and without manual post-processing.

Another special highlight of the update are the new features of the Ceramill D-Flow software module. For the first time, these enable you to fabricate full dentures for single jaws in-house and digitally without manual reworking.

Video REAX Hybrid Bridges:

Video Ceramill FDS – Digital fabrication of single jaw dentures:

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