Ceramill Matik − Up to 40% more productive working time in everyday laboratory routines

The Ceramill Matik marks the dawn of a new era in the laboratory. Never before has production in the laboratory been so easy. Be it in materials management, in tool management, in maintenance and cleaning or in switching between the different processing modes.

"The automated operation of the Ceramill Matik considerably simplifies my laboratory management. While the machine works independently in the background day and night, I can focus more on laboratory and customer management or on complex cases." Peter Ewert, Ewert Zahntechnik Soest

Owing to the integrated 36-blank storage capacity as well as the pre-registered materials in the system, you can conveniently monitor warehouse management and check and reorder stock without additional tools of your own. The first Full Service Unit is supported by the first digital tool management system on the market. Here, the tools can be placed without any risk of mix-ups and tracked digitally via RFID. Thus, milling errors caused by incorrectly inserted tools as well as intensive documentation of tool life are a thing of the past.

"We were particularly impressed with the clean interior and exterior surfaces and subsequent cleaning. When the job is finished, the machine cleans itself very thoroughly without leaving any chips behind." Matthias Mützelburg, Neodent Zahntechnik

Here, cleaning with automatic solids separation in the Ceramill Cleanstream, lays the foundation for autonomous production in the background.

In general, the savings of up to 40% of the working time, especially for laboratory customers where the dental technician operates the machine, help the laboratory to focus on the essentials − on dental technology. This means that it is no longer the machine, which needs to be loaded and converted at specific times, which sets the pace, but the dental technician! The technician determines when he or she works on which case − the Ceramill Matik delivers the highest quality.

"I am particularly fascinated that Amann Girrbach has once again succeeded in raising the bar in terms of milling speed and surface quality." Peter Ewert, Ewert Zahntechnik Soest

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