Software Update 3.14 - November 2019

The rollout of the new Ceramill Mind CAD software update 3.14 starts in mid-November. As usual, you will be informed via Auto Installer in the Mind software as soon as the update is available for you.

Digital Dentures – now all the options with prefabricated teeth:
With the SW update, single jaw dentures can be designed and fabricated in the Ceramill D-Flow software module. This is made possible by a new feature in the D-Flow workflow, which enables the occlusal adaptation of the prefabricated teeth to the antagonist. It will also be possible to fabricate dentures for try-in with the NextDent 5100 for Ceramill 3D printers, thus drastically reducing production time and manufacturing costs.

REAX 2.0 – in record time to screw-retained hybrid bridges with gingiva section:
To simplify the workflow during the fabrication of screw-retained full contour or hybrid bridges with gingiva section, intensive optimization work has been carried out since the last SW update. It is therefore now possible to fabricate the frame as well as the crowns in various material combinations in record time and in a single step with virtually no manual reworking. And as always in the proven and validated Ceramill workflow.

The result is unprecedented simplicity in fabricating highly complex REAX bridges.

Further content and detailed information on the new features will be communicated in the course of the rollout via the Update Newsletter.


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