Open CAM Solutions for your Workflow

Customized solutions tailored to your individual needs drive us forward, especially in the field of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). We firmly believe, that successful laboratory processes rely not only on the performance of the products used but also on their integration through digital workflows.

From fully integrated to simply connected

Ceramill Match 2

We have always emphasized offering secure, validated processes in which all system components are optimally coordinated to guarantee excellent results. This is what our proven and fully integrated CAM solution, Ceramill Match 2, stands for, providing users with maximum process reliability. Learn more about Ceramill Match 2 here

MillBox for Amann Girrbach

Already a MillBox user or looking for a suitable solution for your existing setup? Thanks to the cooperation and flawless integration of MillBox for Amann Girrbach, this is now easily possible! Discover the suitable solution also outside the Amann Girrbach workflow. Maximum freedom, independent of your CAD software. Find out more about MillBox here

From fully integrated to simply connected

Open. Digital. Fully integrated. CAM.

At Amann Girrbach, you have the choice: Benefit from all the advantages of the fully integrated CAM solution, Ceramill Match 2, or connect your individual setup with our milling machines using MillBox for Amann Girrbach.

Ceramill Match 2

The automatic and user-friendly interface of the fully integrated CAM software, Ceramill Match 2, within the Amann Girrbach workflow, ensures reliable, efficient, and straightforward operation. CAM and milling expertise are not required for its use. Even users with less experience can quickly and easily create milling programs for various indications. Ceramill Match 2's sophisticated collision control and avoidance feature ensures the highest level of process security.

Seamless user experience for optimal comfort

Through deep integration into the Amann Girrbach workflow, a seamless user experience is created, making case work easy and efficient. We take care of the work, so you have time for value creation.

Working within the workflow: Tested, validated, and secure

Everything within the Amann Girrbach workflow is tested, validated, and designed for perfect processing. This not only ensures a safer working environment but also enables the effortless and enjoyable handling of even the most complex restorations.

Continuous development for peak performance

For over 14 years, we have been active in the digital field. We have been researching the perfect combination of indication and material for more than a decade, continuously developing our machines and combining this expertise in regular upgrades. As a result, we constantly improve and expand all our software components in terms of scope and performance, and continuously enhance the capabilities of our machines. Our systems don't age; they get better.

Technological breakthroughs for unique solutions

We consistently achieve technological breakthroughs that go beyond incremental improvements. With our Speedlining technology, we nearly halve the processing time for crowns made of lithium disilicate ceramics. The Diamond Finish technology enables high-quality dry milling of the toughest composite blocks for the first time. Our Sculpturing technology allows for perfect processing of zirconia with extreme undercuts.

Applied innovation for added value and quality

Our philosophy is that every indication and material we validate and integrate into our software must provide real value for customers, users, and patients. We have one of the largest ranges of applications, indications, and materials in the market. However, what sets Ceramill Match 2 apart is that every combination has been tested and proven to work. That is our promise.

Match 2 CoCr
Match 2 Zirkon

MillBox for Amann Girrbach

MillBox for Amann Girrbach combines the milling expertise and intuitive software interface of MillBox with the powerful Amann Girrbach milling machines, providing users with direct access to the Ceramill Motion 2 & 3. With MillBox for Amann Girrbach, users with MillBox experience can seamlessly connect to their existing MillBox workflow and libraries, allowing for immediate implementation.

Maximum flexibility with import functionality

We offer an open and easy import of various CAD formats as well as milling strategies for different materials, providing users with maximum flexibility.

Plug & Play through automatic part recognition

The automatic part recognition simplifies the identification of restoration and implant areas while allowing for modifications to reduce manual rework. This plug-and-play feature streamlines the workflow and enhances efficiency.

Efficient working processes

Multiple nesting and calculation sessions, along with several pre-set implant libraries, enable users to work effectively and efficiently, enhancing productivity in their workflow.

Intuitive user interface for flawless usability

An intuitive user interface allows for quick learning of best practices, minimizing effort in the laboratory and ensuring smooth usability.

Ceramill Milling Units