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Ceramill Mindforms - Shapes in seconds

The library teeth offer efficiency and esthetics in the construction of fully contoured or reduced dentures. For a beautiful, quick design at the touch of a button.

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The Ceramill Mindforms CAD software module offers you a generous selection of natural, detailed and lifelike library teeth. In addition to cutback tooth shapes, you also have a stump library available, which can be put to practical use in the fabrication of highly profitable All-on-X work. The characteristic and natural surface morphology and topography as well as the fine details of the library teeth significantly facilitate and accelerate the design of occlusal surfaces and fissures.

Time, convenience and safety
By using the ready-made tooth shapes, you save an enormous amount of time during the design process and costly free-forming processes. In addition, the use of library teeth offers increased safety, as no special, prior anatomical knowledge is required.
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Ceramill Mind
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